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Ban List
Name Type Added Expire Reason By
JGX-ST Ban2018-10-14 21:21:14PermanentVia Website: Ban EvadingMGM
ate TempBan2018-10-14 19:39:002018-10-15 19:39:00Rule #2: No clan stacking, members must split evenly between the teamsobvstoopid
TAPAKAH Ban2018-10-14 17:57:41PermanentVia Website: Wallhackmmj
TAPAKAH Ban2018-10-14 17:53:09PermanentVia Website: Wallhackmmj
TAPAKAH Ban2018-10-14 17:47:50PermanentVia Website: Wallhackmmj
ricardo TempBan2018-10-14 01:01:202018-10-15 01:01:20, do not spam, shut-up!obvstoopid
Genji Ban2018-10-13 17:45:09PermanentWallhacknusence
gamer TempBan2018-10-12 16:22:342018-10-14 16:22:34Rule #10: Purposefully exploiting ingame mechanicsnusence
KAPUTA Ban2018-10-09 23:29:02PermanentRule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying namesobvstoopid
KaKa! Ban2018-10-09 18:50:10PermanentBE=DW=GOODNIGHT
-=DW=-wLd Ban2018-10-09 00:53:22PermanentWallhackobvstoopid
MACTEP Ban2018-10-06 23:18:26PermanentAimbot=DW=GOODNIGHT
YOUR DADDY TempBan2018-10-06 17:11:222018-10-07 01:51:22Warn limit exceeded (3):, peeing , in the gene poolCID_500
69|iCE Ban2018-10-06 15:26:10Permanentban evading=DW=GOODNIGHT
SRGT FROST Ban2018-10-06 08:56:21PermanentVia Website: WallhackFunkyMonkey